Entrepreneurship and Innovation

BBC News Entrepreneurship

BBC – Top business tips for 2015  

QAA enterprise-guidance sept2012

June 2012 MBA group presentations in Berlin

Lecture 1 Introduction jan2012

Lecture 2 Entrepreneurship jan2012

How we made our millions – Peter Jones BBC

Female entrepreneurship

Richard Branson at TED

Enterprise Tuesday in Cambridge

Lecture 3 Innovation lecture may2014

Innovation – resources

Peter Drucker – The Discipline of Innovation

Open Innovation

Innovation models Imperial College London – Prof Joe Tidd

CES 2015        6 – 9 January 2015

BBC – CES 2015

St John’s Innovation Centre

Intellectual Property Office UK

BASCAP Survey on Counterfeiting and Piracy of IP

Lecture 4 Creative Methods jan2012

Tony Buzan and Mind Mapping

Business Model Generation       by Alexander Osterwalder & Yves Pigneur

Lecture 5 Key roles in Start-Up jan2012

Business start-up plan 3Ms 2013

Employing Staff for the First Time – UK Government “Make Business Your Business” advice

 A Guide to Starting & Developing a New Business – UK Government advice

No Nonsense Guides – UK Government advice on starting-up

Stages of Small Business Growth – Churchill & Lewis 1983


BBC2 Dragon’s Den

Lecture 6 Start-up finance and Cashflow jan2012

Cashflow mar2013


Business Link No Nonsense Guides to starting up your business

Lecture 7 Intrapreneurship and large organisations mar2014

Entrepreneurship as Opportunity-based Firm Behaviour  – article

Lecture 8 Family Business jan2012

Family business – I’ll Show Them Who’s Boss – Sir Gerry Robinson

Family business – BBC2 TV series “Alex Polizzi – The Fixer” sets out to wage a one woman campaign to save Britain’s family businesses.

Lecture 9 Cambridge Cluster mar2012

Abcam plc                                ARM plc                       Hermann Hauser

Cambridge Technopole


Lecture 10 German Mittelstand enterprises

Lecture 11 International comparisons of enterprise mar2013

GEM – Global Entrepreneurship Monitor

GEM 2013 Global Entrepreneurship Monitor report on International comparisons of entrepreneurship and innovation in 54 countries

GEM 2010 Women’s Report on female entrepreneurship

European Commission 2015   Growth, Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs

European Commission 2015         Entrepreneurship and SMEs

EC COSME 2014-2020   Europe’s programme for SMEs

World Bank Doing Business 2012 report     assesses regulations and the ease (or not) of doing business in 183 nations

WEF Global Competitiveness Report 2011-2012   compares 142 nations

OECD Science, Technology and Industry Scoreboard 2011

OECD video

Forbes Tax Misery and Reform Index

The dark side of entrepreneurship BBC business editor Robert Peston talks to some of Britain’s most successful business people about the effect that their traumatic childhood had on them in his radio documentary “The Entrepreneur’s Wound“. Features interviews with Sir Stuart Rose of Marks and Spencer, Damon Buffini of Permira, Sir Gulam Noon, Vincent Tchenguiz and Professor Manfred Kets de Vriesof INSEAD.

Dragon’s Den – BBC2 television show – entrepreneurs pitch to a panel of the UK’s most successful business people who invest their own money in the best ideas.

Dragon’s Den around the world on YouTube


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