Doing Business in Britain

Doing Business in Britain dec2015

Guest lecture

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10 tips on British Culture for successful business in the UK – NettResults 2012

As a German in Britain – DW Euromaxx

Why Culture Matters in International BusinessChris Smit – TEDxLeuven

Chris Smit’s TED presentation is well worth watching especially with the applications of Hofstede’s dimensions “power-distance (hierarchy)” and “uncertainty avoidance”. Different management approaches of Germany, Holland, UK, USA and other nations are compared and contrasted.


Riding the Waves of Culture – Fons Trompenaars at TEDxAmsterdam

Fons Trompenaars uses his knowledge and experience of his mixed cultural background to explain how cultural differences often lead to misunderstandings between people, but also how to seize the opportunities that diversity brings to organizations, and the world.


The Myth of Globalisation – Peter Alfandary – TEDxAix

Is globalisation about sharing a global culture, or designing new cultural borders? Is cross-cultural awareness a new skill, a differentiated form of collective intelligence we should learn, and teach?
Peter Alfandary delivers a lively talk on cross-cultural differences and their impact on our daily personal and professional lives.






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