Consultancy Skills

Consultancy Skills miscellany oct2014

Introduction to Consultancy Joe O’Mahoney’s slide show

7Cs of Consulting – Mick Cope

Noise, Parasites and Translation : Theory and Practice in Management Consulting

What is consultancy? video

A great consultant listens video

What makes a good consultant video

Management vs. leadership video

Consultancy skills video

Independent IT consultancy video

Inside McKinsey – life as a business analyst video

Bain & Co 5Is video

Why you hire McKinsey video

Case study example video


PWC consultancy insourcing-for-savings


Spotting Management Fads – Harvard Business Review 1992

Top ten fads – Financial Times 2013

Knowledge Management – another management fad?

TED talk – Yves Morieux on six rules for smart simplicity

TED Talk – Alain de Botton on a kinder gentler philosophy of success

TED talk – Richard StJohn on 8 secrets of success

TED talk – Rory Sutherland on sweat the small stuff

TED talk – Ernesto Sirolli on want to help someone, shut up and listen

TED talk – Tim Harford on trial, error and the God complex

Accenture blogs

KPMG blogs

Bloomberg Business Week management blogs

PWC Global blogs

Ernst & Young UK energy blogs

Omobono blogs

Cambridge Consultants blogs

Cambridge Econometrics


McKinsey – Economic conditions snapshot


Five trends in consultancy 2013

Why clients don’t trust us – seven deadly sins of consulting

Seven deadly sins of consultancy

Consultancy humour



01 Introduction

02raj The Consulting Industry

03raj Types of Consultancy

04raj Clients

05raj The Consulting Lifecycle

06raj Approaches methods and tools

07raj Consultancy Skills

08 Running a Consultancy

09 Critical Themes in Consultancy

10 The Ethics of Consultancy

11 The Consultancy Career



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