Cambridge enterprise


Invoke Capital

Why Cambridge is at the Heart of Britain’s Economic Recovery – The Independent 17 feb 2014

Mind the Gap – London v the Rest – BBC2 documentary with Evan Davis, features Cambridge and AstraZeneca’s move here about 8 minutes into the film

SQW 2014    Cambridge Northern Fringe East Employment Guidance for the Area Action Plan – sector profile

SQW 2011     Cambridge Cluster at 50: the Cambridge Economy Retrospect and Prospect, final report to EEDA and partners

Cambridge Means Business mar2013              Robert Jones lecture

Cambridge cluster jan2011 1                               Robert Jones lecture

Cluster formation in France

Cambridge Ideas

One Nucleus – biotech association

Cambridge Technopole reports – University of Cambridge IfM     excellent links to Cambridge cluster reports

Cambridge Technopole Report 2011

Cambridge Technopole blog

Policy_and_Enterprising_Places_for_Technology_Based Development
Baxter and Tyler

National innovation systems, developing countries, and the role of intermediaries: A critical review of the literature
Watkins, Papaioannou, Mugwagwa and Kale, Development Policy and Practice, The Open University

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