“Boris Island” airport

Briefing on Boris Island:

Boris Johnson on the proposal

A New Airport for London Boris Johnson jan2011

Lord Foster‘s proposal

Airlines and Airports Presentation

Airports Commission – UK government agency

Airports Commission – Long Term Capacity Options – May 2013

Future of Air Transport white paper 2003

SN4920 House of Commons 1946-2012 review

SN6144 House of Commons Response to Boris Johnson 2008

Air Passenger Market 2011 report

Theory of International Connectivity 2010

Airport Development Sustainability 2010

South East Airports Taskforce report 2011

Thames estuary airport schemes

BBC Thames estuary airport plans to be considered

BBC Boris Johnson argues the case for a new London airport

BBC Mike O’Leary (Ryanair) “new airport is nuts”

Sir Richard Branson on Boris Island

Friends of the Earth

Friends of the Earth – Heathrow expansion its true costs 2008


RSPB reports

RSPB – “Say NO to Mayor Boris’ estuary airport”

Daily Telegraph – Airline cost blow for Boris Island

Daily Telegraph – New airport could be built in six years

Robert Peston blog – July 2013

Heathrow expansion proposal – July 2013

Heathrow’s submission to the Airports Commission – July 2013

Airport expansion options – July 2013

Boris Johnson announces three airport options – July 2013

Bigger Heathrow “quicker and cheaper” – June 2012

Daily Telegraph – New airport is environmentally irresponsible

The Economist – “Locating airports Hub Caps The Economist Feb 4th 2012

New runway capacity needed – Airports Commission – 7th October 2013

Emerging thinking on airports capacity in the UK – Airports Commission – 7th October 2013


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