BAP Resources

Doing Business in Britain – Dec 2015

BAP Berlin marking guide dec2015

Strategy lectures

Bain & Company          Top 10 Management Tools

Summary of Operating and Financial Ratios

Financial outcomes nov2012

Balanced Scorecard and Strategy Map – (Kaplan & Norton) Euler partners

Sensitivity analysis spreadsheet Marks and Spencer 2010

Loan repayment PMT NPV IRR calculator

Bowman Strategy Clock – mapping price and value

Reasons to Diversify                       Reasons to Diversify – plus

Reasons to Diversify – detail

Risk Evaluation 2010

Decision tree example 2011

Decision tree nov2012

Game theory

Practical application of Game Theory

SWOT-gti 2011


Scenario planning

Shell Scenarios 2014

McKinsey June 2015:   Overcoming Obstacles to Scenario Planning

DOs and DON’Ts of Scenario Planning (McKinsey June 2015



Ryanair strategy – Mike O’Leary video presentation

Mike O’Leary (Ryanair) and Willie Walsh (IAG – British Airways), fierce competitors, come together to face a shared externality

Royal Dutch Shell 2011 Investor Presentation

easyJet Investor Presentation -August-2013

Case study – Daimler Chrysler merger

British Airways first half Presentation 2010

Mitsubishi Aptis 15 2011-2015

Mind Maps

An Investor’s Perspective on Business 2010


Crowdfunding and new forms of finance

NESTA & University of Cambridge Nov 2014  Understanding Alternative Finance report     crowdfunding literature


Sources of business and finance news

McKinsey Quarterly      Why Growth Matters   Nov2015

Financial Times

BBC News 

Bloomberg Business Week 


The Economist


The Daily Telegraph


Bank of England


Dissertation framework MBA 12k feb2013

BAP review nov2012



Clarke and Dawe on banks

Clarke and Dawe on the economy

Clarke and Dawe on the Greek economy

Clarke and Dawe on the European financial crisis

Clarke and Dawe – the front fell off

Bird and Fortune on the subprime crisis


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