Female Entrepreneurship

McKinsey 2015 – Women Matter

EU Europa 2015:   Women Entrepreneurship Portal

McKinsey 2007: Women Matter – Gender Diversity a Corporate Performance Driver

CFE Centre for Entrepreneurs & Barclays Apr 2015:    Shattering Stereotypes – Women in Entrepreneurship

UKBAA May 2015:      Shattering Stereotypes perspectives

The Economist June 2015:   Schumpeter – Sex in the Boardroom; claims that women manage differently from men are questionable

Crowdfund Insider Aug 2014:  Crowdfunding and Women in business

UKCFA UK Crowdfunding Association

Global Entrepreneurship Monitor report:    GEM 2010 Women’s Report

Professor Sarah Carter      The Role of Small Business in an Enterprising Nation

Professor Sarah Carter      video interview – her research interests

Professor Candida Brush

Women entrepreneurs the way forward – Candida Brush

Female entrepreneurship key factsProwess

BWACBritish Association of Women Entrepreneurs

Women Entrepreneurs UK

Cambridge Businesswomen’s Network

Growth in Number of Female Entrepreneurs at a Standstill

Women as Entrepreneurs – a Review of the Literature BIS 

Promoting Female Entrepreneurship DTI 2005


Female entrepreneurs:

Carolyn McCall                      Chief Executive of easyJet

Cambridge Satchel CompanyJulie Deane 

Emily MacKay                       founder of Microgenius – funding website for sustainable energy

Linda Jackson                       Chief Executive of Citroen

Marillyn Hewson                 CEO Lockheed Martin

Karren Brady                         Strong Woman – Ambition, Grit and a Great Pair of Heels

Merlyn Suckling                   founder of Suckling Airways

Barbara Cassani                    GO – An Airline Adventure

Jacqueline Gold                    A Woman’s Courage – the Inspirational Story of the Woman Behind Ann Summers

Jayne-Anne Gadhia             Chief Executive of Virgin Money

Liz Jackson                            blind entrepreneur              Start Up

Martha Lane Fox                  co-founder of Last Minute.com

Harriet Green                        Chief Executive of Thomas Cook

Michelle Mone                      founder of MJM International Ltd and Ultimo

Nicola Horlick                       investment fund manager and Chief Executive of Derby Street Films

Angela Ahrendts                 former chief executive of Burberry moves to Apple as Senior VP for Retail

Deborah Meaden                  Dragon’s Den 

Hilary Devey                          Dragon’s Den 

Meg Whitman                       developed eBay , CEO of Hewlett Packard

Margaret Thatcher               Last appearance as Prime Minister in the House of Commons

Margaret Thatcher               Famous “No. no, no” speech in the House of Commons

Women as CEOs – the Glass Precipice, The Economist May 2014

Kate Barker                           Office of Budget Responsibility,  formerly a member of the Bank of England Monetary Policy Committee, formerly Chair of Governors at Anglia Ruskin University

Janet Yellen                          Head of the US Federal Reserve

Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw      founder of Biocon in India

Zhang Lan                             founder of South Beauty Restaurant chain in China

Lyn Lee                                   founder of Awfully Chocolate in Singapore

Sahar Hashemi                     founder of Coffee Republic


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