Strategic Leadership 2015

Session 1 jan2015

Session 2 jan2015

Session 3 jan2015

Session 4 jan2015

Session 5 jan2015

Session 6 jan2015


EFQM Excellence Model

Bowman Strategy Clock cf. Porter Generic Strategies



How Strategy Shapes Structure     Kim & Mauborgne 2009

Structures in 5s      Mintzberg 1980

Organizing Flexibility:The Flexible Firm in a New Century   Kalleberg 2001

A Strategic Perspective of Entrepreneurship (E-V-R)   Thompson 1999

Strategy as Stretch and Leverage Hamel & Prahalad 1993

The Core Competence of the Organization      Prahalad & Hamel 1990

Strategic Intent      Prahalad & Hamel 2005

Performance measurement tools:the Balanced Scorecard and the EFQM Excellence Model  Wongrassamee, Gardiner & Simmons 2003

RSA Animate – Changing Education Paradigms


Other resources:

Strategists – video clips

Strategy cases – video clips


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